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Dragon ORIGINAL design engraved Yeti

Dragon ORIGINAL design engraved Yeti

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ORIGINAL DESIGN: Detailed dragon engraved on a 20 oz Yeti. Dragon wraps all the way around the Yeti. Clean lines highlight the dragon's twists and loops around the cup. Looks great no matter which side you are looking at! This original design is unique and bold!

This design requires special engraving techniques because of the very detailed wrap design, which takes the laser an extremely long time to produce. The attention to detail increases the price but truly provides a unique and beautiful product.

Tumblers can be customized with a name on the back. See the last photo for font choices. Please note font choice and name in the Customization box.

**** See the last photo for color choices. Color choices may change due to availability from Yeti. If a color choice is not available, I will contact you ASAP.

**** Please tell me which font you would like in the Personalization Box. ;)

This design is for a 20 oz Yeti.

Please allow 5 days for production before shipping. However, it might be faster depending on the current stock. ;)

The price includes personalization and shipping. Contact me if you have any questions!

Since customized products are made to order, no refunds or exchanges are allowed. However, you will receive a preview of any artwork. This way, you can make sure everything is perfect before production.

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